Success Stories

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Success with the Alternate Visions Gallery
 I just love the way you've designed your gallery with the vision and the energy of all your artists and philosophers.  I am honored to be included! Thank you so much!
(Cynthia Chartiér)
"Taking a part in your website is an honor for me. I really like your website's design and the honorable and appreciative way you represent each artist while maintaining his uniqueness."
- Eirit Huber
"What you are doing with your Alternate Visions Gallery demonstrates with powerful proof that you care for me, my art and my future. You demonstrate that you are taking a big chunk of responsibility for producing a financial result equal to the quality of my art. And you showed me that you have the guts and know how to make that future a reality.
Now, over the last 45 years of creating and exhibiting my art, a great many, very fine people have openly expressed their appreciation, admiration and even love for my paintings and drawings. These people have encouraged me to continue, to succeed and to achieve financial as well as artistic success. They have helped in very important ways. I am glad to have known all of them.
But no one has done what you are doing. Hats off to you!
Warm regards,
Bruce Silton"