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Professional member of ISC-International Sculpture Center

Member of Association Plastic Artists Yahud-Monoson

Member of Israeli Professional Artists Association IPAA



1984-1989 - Graduate with Honor, Sculpture Academy in Georgia

1982-1984 - Art school in city of Riga

1980-1981 - Art Academy at St. Petersburg


Solo and Shared Exhibitions

2013- Florence Biennale. 30 November to 8 December 2013. Fortezza da Basso, Italy

2013- Exhibition in the museum Khan, Ashkelon. 27.6.2013

2012- Les Hivernales de Paris-Est Montreuil . le Salon d’Artistes réinventé Paris .

2012- Exhibition in the Salon D'AUTOMNE, The french contemporary art

2012- Exhibition in the espace Pierre Cardin. Paris 2012

2012- Exhibition in Museum Castel

2012- Exhibition at International Art Expo New York, NY

2012- EROS & THANATOS Exhibition in the Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa

2012- "New Things in art" Minus three Rothschild 65

2011- Exhibition at COLLECTORS Gallery, Carmel, CA

2011- The Marcelle Gordon University Club 'Green Villa' in Tel Aviv

2011- Museum of Antiquities of Tel Aviv Jaffa

2011- SOLO Exhibition at Mary O. Fritchie Art Show, Westhampton, NY

2011- Group Exhibition " human world " Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv

2011- Group Exhibition at “Galiara” Artists Alley Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2011- SOLO Exhibition at International Art Expo New York, NY

2011- Wohl Centre – Bar Ilan University. 3GX Group Exhibition

2008 - Marché de l'art and Campo Santo

2007 - St. Petersburg, Prague - BR Gallery

1993 - Jaffa Nights Tel - Aviv

1989- Exhibition of Art University in Chicago, USA, featuring artists of Academy of Georgia, Exhibition of Modern Art in St Petersburg.

1983-1985 - Participation in two exhibitions of young artists in urban city of Riga.

1980-1982 - Exhibition at the Artists House in San Petersburg



2011-2013 – Build a 7 bronze statue each 2.5 m. 'history of Israel' in Tel-Aviv, Israel

2009-2010 - Build a statue in memory of Holocaust victims Kaliningrad

2009 - An establishment of a statue in Ukraine, An establishment of a statue in Berlin “Children”

2008 - An establishment of a statue in London in memory of Children of the Holocaust, An establishment of a statue in the city of Sochi

2007 - An establishment of a statue in Hollywood

2000-2008 - Sculptors of famous people / politicians

2000 - Participation at ART JAFA "Old Jaffa”

1994 – An establishment in memory of Holocaust victims – Jewish Synagogue Miami, FL
1994 - Participation in the Arts Festival "blue sea and sky" in Ashdod



My task is to find the very same form, line, and shape on which there is an eternal and immortal, unchanging, perfect. Those forms that the ancients have given us, those lines and shapes that artists have created, this whole vast period of time, from ancient to the present day, gives us all strength and inspiration.

I search for purity and harmony, the desire to express feelings and emotions with simple shapes and lines, and to understand and link the outer world with inner peace. Pure forms are an expression of strength, balance, and integrity; they are in accordance with nature, refer to the natural instincts, and help get closer to the attainment of wisdom.

The world around us, with all its colors, shapes, and scents affects us. Being in this magical state, when you are a sensitive device that interacts with the movement of the elements of nature, you eventually see how perfect and wonderful the world is through the prism of your own eyes.

I do not want to follow any rules or any laws, and I know there is only one important thing - the universal language, common to all time - the sense of touch and stimulation. I want to speak only in this language and no other.

Stop for a moment to touch the world inside of you and grasp infinity, stretch your feet into the ground and let your hands touch the sky; this is the most delightful moment of creativity. Be in constant search for purity, go to the core, be universal, and desire to hold the thread of the laws of life, purity, and wisdom

Artworks by Henry Betzalel

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