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Reti Saks was born on June 3, 1960 in Pärnu, Estonia.
Graduated from Estonian State Art Institute Department of Graphics in 1987.
Member  of Estonian Artists’ Association since 1991.
Has participated in exhibitions since 1983.
Her main creative fields are graphics, sculpture, book illustration and book design.

Lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.


"There are pictures I cannot escape. These are my real pictures, pictures that have come to me. I can not refuse to commit them to paper. I just hold the pencil and my hand starts moving. And then, after having discovered the name of the picture, I sign it. Is it right to call it mine, when it has come to me by itself? At those moments I have an inking of why I exist... I make pictures for people who recognize them and intimate me about it." -Reti Saks


1986 Tallinn Prints Triennal, Estonia, diploma
1987 2nd Miniature Prints Triennal in Riga, Latvia, diploma
1992 Price of Annual Book Illustration, Estonia
1998 5th International Engraving Biennial, Caixa Ourense, Spain, diploma
2009 Annual Award of K.E.Sööt for book illustration
        29th Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Spain, winning work
2010 9th Lessedra World Art Print Annual – Mini Print, Bulgaaria, 2nd prize
  A4 International Contemporary Printmakers Competition, Cornwall, UK, 1st prize
2011 7th Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières, Canada, public prize
        6th International miniarture art exhibit, Levis, Quebec, Canada 3rd prize
2012 3rd A4 International Mini Print Exhibition,Cornwall, UK, The Top Three entries
2013 Internationale d’art miniature- 7th édition, Presbytère St-Nicolas, Lévis, Canada - Special Merit
        European Contemporary Print Triennial, Tournefeuille, Municipal Media center: Baltic States, Toulouse, France – 1st prize of Baltic States
International exhibitions (Recent)

        International Exhibition INCISIONI AL FEMMINILE – 2013, Naples, Italy
        International Biennial Miniature Print of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
        9th Biennial International Miniature Print Competition and Exhibition, Norwalk, U.S.A.
        Internationale d’art miniature of Presbytère St-Nicolas, Lévis, Canada - Special Merit
        Festival de la Gravure, Maison de la Culture Diekirtch, Luxemburg
        Global Print 2013 - International Printmaking Biennial of Douro, Portugal


Artworks by Reti Saks

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DryingToBe-tn     Echo-tn     Gimme-tn     IWantIt-tn


HeadOverHeelsI-tn     HeadOverHeelsIII-tn     HeadOverHeelsIV-tn     HeadOverHeelsV-tn


HoldingBreath-tn     MeMyself-tn     KissFromTheMouse-tn     SlideToUnlock-tn