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Cynthia Chartiér is a mixed media painter from Boston, Massachusetts.

Chartiér Studios- Dallas, TX -May 2013-Present

Her exhibits include Samuel Lynne Galleries, Dallas, TX 2008-2013,  Art on 5th Fine Art Contemporary Gallery,  Austin, TX 2006-Present, Reflection Fine Art Gallery, Dallas, TX 2004-2008, Style de Vie Fine Art Gallery, Palm Beach, FL 1999-2003, East Side Village Gallery, Plano, TX 2003-2004.  1996-1998 The American Fine Art Gallery, Dallas, TX.  In 2005 she was awarded Artist of the Year by the Jesuit Dallas Museum.  In 2003 and 2001 Chartiér was awarded 1st place in the juried exhibition at the Jesuit Dallas Museum.   SOLO EXHIBITS


Samuel Lynne Galleries- 1105 Dragon Street, Dallas TX


Reflection Fine Art Gallery- 2952 Fairmount Street, Dallas, TX

2007  A MOVEABLE FEAST- Ernest Hemmingway


Inspired by the way music, philosophy, ancient culture, and the masters of literature evolved through time, Chartiér’s process also evolved by adding handmade French and Italian oils to her process in mixed media.  In an effort to create reflections and prisms of color, Cynthia builds layer upon layer of rich vibrant jewel tones of color and glaze with symphony sheet music, manuscript, rare imported Egyptian and African fabrics,  silk, carbon, and found objects for texture and depth. Language and symbolism are important aspects of conveying the secrets of the riddles that tell the stories hidden in each one of her paintings. The layers of rich vibrant jewel tones of color and glaze are used as a parallel to express the veils of awareness and emotion that we all experience as we evolve through our own day to day adventures. ARTClassDallas was launched July 1, 2009 as an ART project for SELF-DISCOVERY.   Workshops are now available to beginners and experienced artists to explore, discover and sharpen self-awareness, while developing painting skills and techniques. The objective is to break through and discover unexplored areas of originality,  to reach higher levels of creativity and fulfillment, while developing and expressing our own true voice through art.   Chartièr’s work has been exhibited in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Boston, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and is part of the permanent collection of the Jesuit Dallas Museum.





"Art is the mirror of who we are and what we would like to become."


.....Our world is fascinating on every level from the tiniest microscopic organism to the galaxy and beyond........My objective is to be bold enough to expressively challenge the intellect,  to delight the visual senses and to engage your deepest sense of emotion by touching your heart right down to the depths of your soul.   

.....In my narrative style of mixed media on canvas I become a storyteller and I consider myself a messenger.  Each painting is inspired and painted for someone specific.  When that painting is sold  that’s when I know the message has been delivered.   .....In my process,  I splash layers of jewel tones of vibrant color oozing together with glazes, the rich texture of handmade rag papers, found objects and rare imported fabrics from Egypt and other parts of Africa onto the canvas......I find the idea of creating tension between different elements engaging.    So I use the relationship of texture, color, line, shape and form to create the visual aspect.  On a deeper level I try to accomplish this with riddles hidden in the messages of each painting.   Each painting is an equation.  The challenge is to find a delicate balance of harmony while creating excitement......If I do my job properly you will see as I do,  that every moment has a different color and texture......Every time you look at one of my paintings you should discover something new,  and as the secrets of language and symbolism reveal themselves to you, the process of creation becomes a magical experience..........The artist becomes the viewer and the viewer becomes the artist.  It’s my favorite part..........


Artworks by Cynthia Chartiér

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