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Alexander Daniloff is a Russian artist and illustrator.

He works as professional artist over twenty years, from 2000 in Italy. He is dedicated to figurative painting, mythological and subjective.

Travel in real and mythological times and change of the theater decorations and costumes help to create that sort of theatrical dramatization as a way of artistic thinking and integral part of the style of Daniloff, which allows him to achieve in painting a special grace, to shows at the same time festivities and drama of theatrical life.

The stylization is accompanied by a sweet irony that penetrate into delicate vibration of art material, into simplification drawing and into delicate coloristic harmony.

The precision, flexibility of drawing and subtlety of the harmonies of color of his paintings,  allow us to speak about free movement of artists within tradition of painting, on the decision eternal discussion between light and shadow, line and color.

Artworks by Alexander Daniloff.

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