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Lyne Marshall’s artworks, in all mediums, reflect a direct response to an experience, a glimpse of the wilderness areas that inspire her. They are inner landscapes; experimental works based on deeper impressions, of a childhood living on Bribie Island when it was a remote community, and now as an adult living on a mountain range, in a secluded area of Tallegalla in Queensland.


As an artist, author and passionate photographer, Lyne has an extensive history of exhibiting her contemporary acrylic landscape paintings in both Australia and overseas. In 2012 she began digitally assimilating her paintings and photography into new original artworks. While still exploring processes, they are evolving as limited edition, archival pigment prints. By producing these solely in her studio, on fine art papers, Lyne feels they emulate the unexpected results of the traditional printmaking she has studied in the past.


With a B.A in Fine Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Further Education from USQ Toowoomba, in Queensland, Lyne is dedicated to inspiring others to reach their creative potential. While creating artworks consumes a lot of her time she has also devoted considerable effort to exploring creative processes and the mind. In doing so, she has published three books. Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create, Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art and in 2013, Harnessing the Power of the CREATIVE SPIRAL.


These books have inspired workshops on creative direction, using the themes of the creative struggle, the invisible layer and the organic creative spiral.



Artworks by Lyne Marshall

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