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Andrew Baines (Surrealist artist)

Selected one-person exhibitions

  • 1998 Art Images Gallery SA

  • 1999 Greenhill Galleries SA

  • 2000 Greenhill Galleries SA

  • 2001 Greenhill Galleries SA

  • Bay Discovery Gallery SA

  • 2002 Greenhill Galleries SA

  • Pilbara Fine Art Gallery Karratha WA

  • 2003 Greenhill Galleries SA

  • Framed the Darwin Gallery NT

  • 2004 Greenhill Galleries SA

  • Jahroc Gallery Margaret River WA

  • Monsoon Gallery Broome WA

  • Galerie TOAAC Lausanne Switzerland

  • 2005 Red Dot Gallery McLaren Vale SA

  • Rushcutters Bay Gallery NSW

  • 2006 Lynne Wilton Gallery VIC

  • Greenhill Galleries SA

  • Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery NSW

  • 2007 BMG Art SA

  • Stafford Studios of Fine Art WA

  • 2008 BMG Art SA

  • Harrison Galleries NSW

  • 2009 BMG Art SA

  • Stafford Studios of Fine Art WA

  • 2010 Red Sea Gallery Singapore

  • Harrison Galleries NSW

  • Gallows Gallery Mosman WA

  • 2011 BMG Art SA

  • 2012 Gallows Gallery Mosman WA

  • Richard Martin Gallery Sydney NSW

  • 2013 BMG Art Adelaide

  • Paint Box fine art ACT



  • Finalist Doug Moran National Portrait Prize NSW

  • Finalist Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize SA

  • Finalist Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize for Landscape

  • Finalist Cromwell Art Prize NSW

  • Finalist Gray Mast Art prize SA – Highly Commended


  • Finalist Spirit of the Outback QLD

  • Finalist Heysen Prize for Landscape SA

  • Finalist Adelaide Cathedral Art Prize SA – Best Observation of Human Behaviour


  • Finalist Doug Moran National Portrait Prize NSW

  • Finalist Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize for Water SA

  • Finalist Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize SA

  • Finalist Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition SA

  • Artist in Residence – StHildas Anglican Girls School Mosman WA-

  • Headline artist – StHildas Art Exhibition


  • Finalist Waterhouse Natural history Art Prize SA

  • Finalist Whyalla Art Prize SA


  • Finalist Corangamarah Art Prize VIC

  • Finalist Fleurieu Biennale Vistas Art Prize


  • Finalist Whyalla Art Prize SA

  • Finalist Maritime Art Prize VIC


Finalist Nora Heysen Art Prize for still life SA

2012 Finalist Mortimer art prize for Surrealism NSW

2013 Semi-finalist Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2000 Accent Fine Art WA

  • Redhill Gallery QLD

  • Raglan Gallery NSW

  • 2001 Redhill Gallery QLD

  • 2002 Stafford Studios of Fine Art WA

  • Shayne Gallery Montreal Canada

  • 2003 WA Art Fair with Stafford Studios

  • Aviva Fine Art Consultancy Vic

  • Susan Street Fine Art Gallery California USA

  • 2004 Redhill Gallery QLD

  • Joanne Coia Gallery Florida USA

  • Dart Gallery Devon UK

  • 2005 Framed the Darwin Gallery NT

  • Blackheath Gallery London UK

  • Gallery Diamante California USA

  • Shayne Gallery Montreal Canada

  • Melbourne Affordable Art Fair -without Pier Gallery

  • 2006 Artery Gallery StAndrews Scotland

  • Blackheath Gallery London UK

  • Sydney Art Fair – TVH Gallery

  • Headline Artist- StHildas Art Exhibition WA

  • 2007 Melbourne Art Fair-Greenwood Gallery

  • Maree Mizon Gallery NSW

  • Artery Gallery StAndrews Scotland

  • Greenwood Gallery VIC

  • 2008 Artery Gallery StAndrews Scotland

  • Pivotal Gallery VIC

  • Sydney Art Fair-Harrison Galleries

  • 2009 Red Sea Gallery Singapore

  • Karin Weber Gallery Hong Kong

  • Artery Gallery StAndrews Scotland

  • Gallows Gallery WA

  • Jenny Pihan Fine Art Melbourne VIC

  • 2011 Axia Modern Melbourne VIC

  • Harrison Galleries Sydney NSW

  • Singapore Affordable Art Fair with Red Sea Gallery

  • 2013 International Surrealism Now Lisbon Portugal

  • HK Affordable Art Fair with Red Sea Gallery

  • Blackheath Gallery London UK


. Cover for Life Saving in S.A

Wine label painting for Wirra Wirra Vineyard

(McLaren Vale SA)

.CD cover painting for ABC Classics

. Cover for “I met god in Bermuda”

Included in European Encyclopedia of Surrealism

Lexikon der surrealisten


  • Adelaide University – Roseworthy College SA

  • Advertiser Newspapers SA

  • National Dairies

  • SA Dept. for Emergency Services SA

  • Smorgan Collection VIC

  • StHildas Anglican Girl’s School Mosman WA

  • StAloysius College Adelaide SA

  • Nichi Engineering Malaysia

  • Australian Embassy Rome Italy

  • ANZ Bank Singapore

  • Wirra Wirra Winery SA

Surreal installations

Since 2005, Andrew has created over a two dozen Installations on Australian beaches via collaborations with Hills Hoists, The West Australian and Adelaide Symphony orchestras, LWD Company, Holstein Australia (Dairy Industry) the WA state Gallery, Anglicare, FMC Foundation & Wirra Wirra Vineyards with volunteers including Malcolm Turnbull, Colin Barnet, Sir James & lady Hardy, Sir Eric & Lady Neal, Amanda Vanstone etc…





Artworks by Andrew Baines

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