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"We can help you build a unique art collection which is guaranteed to rise in value." - The Gallerist


The Alternate Visions Gallery will exhibit only those artists with high technical skills which they apply to express the moods and ideas that can touch your soul and enrich your life.
We work diligently to maintain tight personal contact with our artists, art friends and art collectors to help bring these exceptional artworks into the hands of new owners or to arrange new art commissions for the artists.
For you who love art, you can locate an artwork which resonates with you simply by wandering through The Gallery at random, or you can narrow your search more precisely by choosing artworks by ARTWORK TYPE, by ARTIST or by SIZE or any combination of these three classifications.
If you wish, you can contact our Art Advisor for assistance in choosing the right artwork for your collection. Just write an e-mail from our Contact Us page.
With our assemblage of international artists, you can be certain they will never go out of style. Their professional skill, proven success record, fantastic spirit and creativity is the guarantee that their artwork will continue to increase in value down the ages; monetarily and popularly.
If you have an Old Master artwork (or later works; up through mid 20th century), we can arrange its sale with appraisers, auction houses and collectors.
Artists who wish to apply for inclusion in this gallery need to simply send an e-mail to the Gallerist.
NEWS: Use your smart phone to explore the gallery!
Each of the artists in the Alternate Visions Gallery now have a QR code (SimpleQRCode) linked to their personal mobile art page.